Macrotransit: Transforming Public Transport with On-Demand Transit

Autonomous fleet routing with real time optimization that delivers
the most efficient on-demand transit service on the market.

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Optimize Operational Efficiency

An on-demand transit service unrivaled in efficiency, our optimization algorithm autonomously routes your entire fleet in real time. Use less vehicles, move more people.

Boost Ridership + Expand Service Area

Replace or augment under-performing fixed routes with on-demand service that can attract similar ridership to metropolitan bus routes.

Improve Customer Convenience

Rides are booked from an app, web portal, or by phone. Riders choose where and when they travel and spend less time waiting.

Go On-Demand, with EverRun.

EverRun is the platform that gives transit agencies all the tools needed to deploy our Macrotransit solution. Riders book trips to and from any transit stop, EverRun's optimization algorithm routes your entire fleet in real-time—providing the most efficient on-demand transit service on the market today.

Use existing vehicles of any size
Use your existing stops and infrastructure
Integrate with fixed routes
Create a service area of any size

Belleville, Ontario

Belleville’s late-night fixed route buses often ran empty in long loops around the city, wasting fuel, generating needless wear and tear, and serving an average of only 43 nightly riders.

  • 300% Increase in Ridership
  • 70% Increased Service Area
  • 30% Reduced Vehicle Mileage

Rogers, Arkansas

A city of over 66,000 people, Rogers operated only a single fixed bus route in the entire city. With the single route, many bus stops in the city were not serviced at all; service area coverage was very limited.

  • Increased Service Area to 15 square miles
  • Provide all-day access to the entire city
  • Service provided without increasing fleet

The EverRun Difference

Pantonium's real-time fleet optimization enables fleets to achieve higher efficiency than any other traditional demand-response or microtransit solution.

City / Town
Rides / Hour
Cost Per Ride
Belleville, ON
$4.25 CAD
Arlington, TX
Cochrane, AB
$13 CAD
Fixed Route
New York City

How Belleville, ON is using technology to tackle transit troubles

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EverRun Platform

Web Platform

Driver Application

Rider Booking Apps

Real-time Fleet Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about Pantonium?

There are many microtransit and “dial-a-bus” software products, Pantonium’s difference is optimization. The EverRun platform is a full suite of tools built for agencies to easily deploy an on-demand service – all backed by EverRun’s autonomous fleet route optimization algorithm.

EverRun autonomously dispatches and globally optimizes entire fleets in real-time, ensuring vehicles are always operating at their best. Our optimization enables an on-demand service that is more efficient, scalable, and cost-effective than our competitors.

Do my riders need a smartphone?

No! While riders can request rides through our Android and iOS mobile apps, EverRun also enables web booking – accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. In addition, through our web portal, agencies can facilitate over the phone booking  for riders who do not have access to any of the above options.

That’s not all – with Pantonium, drivers can easily handle and pickup riders who have not pre-booked at all. The system will dynamically optimize and route their trip in real-time alongside other scheduled trips.

Is this meant to replace fixed routes?

It depends on what is best! We have experience deploying our public transit solution as a replacement for under performing fixed routes, and as a complimentary service without replacing any fixed routes.

We will work with your agency to find the approach that fits your transit’s performance most optimally.

What kind of vehicles can my agency use?

Any! EverRun allows agencies to create and schedule vehicles with any capacity, including vehicles with multiple capacity configurations.

Pantonium also supports wheelchair enabled vehicles – giving all riders the ability to request trips for wheelchair accessible vehicles, to and from wheelchair accessible stops.

What does my agency need to get started?

Pantonium is built to work with your existing drivers, vehicles, stops, and resources. The only hardware required is driver tablets.

No transit stops? No problem – EverRun can support real or virtual stops.

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