Intelligent People Transportation

Pantonium is an optimization company that uses algorithms to solve the most challenging problems in computer science for people transportation fleet operators. To move people efficiently in an on-demand world.

Pantonium's vision is to provide people transportation companies with the best in class route optimization and dispatching software. The goal is to provide real-time smart mobility that improves travel and transportation for riders, drivers and operators.
At our core we are a technology company that builds innovative solutions and long term partnerships with our customers in a world of constant motion, where decisions need to be made instantaneously.

Remi DesaCEO

Our Technology

Pantonium uses cloud based platforms to replace human intervention when routing and dispatching vehicle fleets. The goal is to solve the vehicle routing problem to increase efficiency and enable vehicle dispatching on-demand. Pantonium also has rider and driver mobile applications to communicate with users on the road. The technology reduces passenger wait times, enables seat sharing, adapts to changes on the road, and provides insights into operations.

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