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There are more than 130,000 buses on the road in North America. The average number of passengers on them is nine. There is unused capacity in every bus fleet. Why does this happen? Unmatched supply and demand. What if there was a way to bring buses and other transit vehicles closer to their riders to get more people riding transit? Let’s transform transit today.

Pantonium's Public Transit Technology

Maximize your capacity

Increase Service Area

Use less vehicles

Smart Mobility

Watch Pantonium’s CEO, Remi Desa, discuss his vision for the future of people transportation and public transit software.

Fixed & Flexible

Pantonium’s system was created for managing fleets of vehicles used for people transportation. Helping move riders efficiently in an on-demand world. We provide technology that enables people transportation services to blend fixed and flexible routes.

Rider App

Connect directly with your riders, allowing them to request and schedule rides on-demand or in the future. Pantonium's system automatically logs and routes riders in the most efficient way, all while respecting rider and operator preferences. Once your day is complete, use Pantonium's robust visibility and reporting features to view your fleet's performance, billing, and more.

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