Pantonium's Platform

An overview of Pantonium’s people transportation software
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A full platform to transform your operations

Pantonium’s technology is designed to help people transportation companies transform their operations. Our software platform provides cloud-based mobile technology helping you automate your daily processes, while providing a high level of visibility and control.


Access your system on any computer, from any browser


No hardware required for setup or maintenance


Control your fleet through the power of mobile

Mobile Applications

Pantonium’s mobile application keeps management and dispatchers connected to drivers through driver and GPS feedback, allowing you to operate with the best information. The mobile application collects location data, integrating with dispatch and route planning in real time. The information collected is used by our route optimization algorithms to ensure your drivers are operating efficiently, while seamlessly guiding them throughout their day.

More features, one system.


Assisted manual and automated dispatching


Easy scheduling and driver work tracking

Live Optimization

On-demand trip optimization

Custom Reports

Export your data, the way you want it

GPS Tracking

View live and historic vehicle locations

Brokerage Integration

Easily import trips from major brokers

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