Designing Better Fixed Routes Using On-Demand Transit Data


Date: November 24, 2021
Time: 2-3 PM EST

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What this
webinar will cover:

A well-designed fixed route is one that is accessible, convenient, and takes riders to the places they want to go. Having an understanding of how riders travel around their city is essential for transit agencies to design great fixed routes. Rider origin-destination data generated by on-demand service is the best source for these insights.

Our operations team at Pantonium has helped numerous customers transform their transit systems by using on-demand travel data to produce optimal fixed routes.

Join us as we speak with Chris Childs, a key member of our operations team, and discuss:
- How origin-destination data is generated by on-demand service
- How we analyze and generate travel insights from the data
- How we use insights to design optimal routes


Luke Mellor

Director of Marketing, Pantonium

Chris Childs

Operations, Pantonium