Control & Optimize
Autonomous Vehicle Fleets

Autonomous fleet routing with real time optimization for controlling autonomous vehicle fleets.

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Intelligently control autonomous vehicle fleets

Take away a car's steering wheel, you take away more than the driver, you also take away the navigator. This is not a loss, it is great opportunity in transportation. Pantonium provides the direction and user interface for any type of autonomous vehicle fleets. Global optimization to solve the vehicle routing problem for any sized fleet of vehicles providing goods or people transportation.


Mobile applications and web based platforms for riders and operators to monitor and manage their rides and vehicles


Coordinate vehicle schedules and locations with rider demand. Maximizing fleet capacity and up time, while reducing deadhead.


Autonomously manage fleets with scalable software, dynamically routing in real-time with optimization algorithms

A control tower
for autonomous fleets

Apply the only operationally real-time routing optimization, for, on-demand, door-to-door, shared ride fleet management software system to your fleet of AVs

Autonomous Routing

With autonomous vehicles comes autonomous routing. Pantonium's platform adjusts routing in real-time, ensuring the most globally optimal fleet routing efficiency.

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