Fleet Transportation Software Myths Part 1

By March 25, 2014 No Comments

Part 1:

Stop Spying on me!

People transportation companies and their drivers are making a mistake when believing that onboard fleet management systems are being used to spy on employees. The reality on this matter is that fleet management systems provide value to both the organization, and it’s drivers. Fleet management systems are designed to, improve efficiency and protect the drivers behind the wheel.

With Fleet Management systems dispatch can provide Drivers with real-time feedback, routing suggestions and updates. This removes the guesswork for the driver when it comes to routing and pick up and drop off times and helps the driver to be able to adjust their activities as required not worry about anything else but driving.

These systems further help minimize the cost of vehicle maintenance issues by allowing the driver to provide dispatch with vehicle maintenance logs ensuring that vehicles are regularly maintained and are running properly. The technology keeps drivers safer and vehicles performing better.

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