How to Get Started with Fleet Management Software

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In recent posts, transportation operators have been urged to start using fleet management software, if they haven’t already. This is not just because this writer works for a fleet management software company and knows exactly how this type of service can be (although this does help). Transport operators are encouraged to utilize software because it is important for where public transportation is headed; as an individual generally reliant on public transit, there is personal stake in the evolution of processes in the industry.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) companies have been using fleet management software for years to great benefit and value. This is not a passing phase; NEMT companies who have not begun using software to assist in managing their operations could easily lose their ability to compete with other NEMT companies that do. It is understood learning new software can sometimes be intimidating, but the success stories are plentiful. AssetWorks has several case studies from around the country detailing the advances of how software has improved vehicle fleet management for various operations. Here are some tips for getting your head around using this type of software for the first time:

Determine the goals of your business

Are you actively seeking to expand your business? Do you want just to keep competitive? Are you a new company looking to be on the cutting edge? Without a clear plan for your business, it will be difficult to derive maximum benefit when implementing new software.

Don’t be afraid of startup cost

You have to invest in your future in order to progress your present. For many business owners, understanding the investment required to implement fleet management software from a cost and resource perspective can be difficult. But deciding that you need technology to help you achieve your goals of implementing cost-saving initiatives is the first step in overcoming this.

Choose the right software for your fleet

There are many software platforms from many different software companies, but the power is in your hands to choose which one will work best for your operation. There are a growing number of fleet management software companies offering competitive products and services. Capterra is a great resource for researching different software services, with user reviews to help guide your choice. This is another reason why it is important to determine specific goals for your business; as many fleet management software resources are expansive and customizable, the costs saved are reliant on how well you and your team will utilize the software.

Focus on your business as you learn the software

To reiterate an oft-made point, one of the greatest benefits of fleet management software for transportation companies is to ease the ability of expansion. As the head of your business, streamlining daily operations means there will be time and resources devoted to other areas of business expansion. It is important to remember the benefits of using cutting-edge software to reduce costs in transportation operations are still contingent on the strength of the business using them.

Ask lots of questions

Take note of questions and issues you would like acknowledged. Software companies love to talk about their products and services; take them up on this. These software systems are complex, with a wide range of functions which may or may not be right for your business at the moment. Familiarize yourself with all the features and be enthusiastic about passing these resources on to your team. In 2013, published a prescient article from small-business writer Jennifer Goforth Gregory covering several of these same elements.

Gregory also mentions reviewing all of these features not just at the time of onboarding, but also approximately twice a year for as long as you are using the software. This way, you will always stay fresh with your resources and gain new perspective on tools you may not have considered before. Also, you will then be able to easily relay this information to the rest of your team.

So how will you still fit in? Be human! Communicate with your drivers, and pass on your new expertise to them. Now your drivers no longer need to be briefed on redundant points and communication can be used more sparingly for more urgent alerts. This can also be used to help refine routes on the fly to help avoid traffic accidents, congestion, and other factors of delay. As well, train your staff along with you. The more your staff knows about how to utilize the software, the easier the transition will be for everyone. Learning new software puts everyone on the same level of educations, as everyone is learning the material fresh. The great part about these processes is knowing fleet management software like Pantonium’s EverRun are also continually innovating their transportation management services available; like dispatch, without dispatchers.

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