How to Design an On-Demand Transit Service

August 20, 2020

Speakers from Pantonium:

  • Luke Mellor, Marketing Director
  • Milos Dobrijevic, Project Manager
  • Jeremy Eves, Head of Transit


There have been hundreds of on-demand transit projects deployed around the world, but are transit agencies designing them for success? Pantonium’s team will discuss various approaches to designing an on-demand transit service based on our experiences deploying projects around North America and our observations from other similar projects.

Luke Mellor,  Milos Dobrijevic, and Jeremy Eves from Pantonium will discuss their recommendations for transit professionals considering new transit options.

Covered Topics

  • On-Demand Transit vs Microtransit vs Paratransit
  • Making a service area that grows ridership
  • Implications of design choices on productivity and cost
  • Outcomes and metrics to consider
  • Case Studies: Stratford Transit and Ozark Regional Transit
  • Questions

You can watch the webinar’s video replay, listen to the audio, and view the presentation slides below. 







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