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Community & Public Transit

This is an exciting week for the North American people transportation industry, as the Community Transit Association of America holds the annual CTAA EXPO. This year will see the event take place in the sunny vistas of Tampa, Florida. As always, the 2015 Community Transportation Trade Fair is set to be the highlight of the EXPO. This is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of community transportation vendors, manufacturers and consultants assembled in the world on an annual basis. Attendees can meet vendors, compare products and take an in-depth look at the newest products and services available for the community transportation industry.

Needless to say, the Pantonium crew is proud to be attending this event and are looking forward to sharing our services with other attendees. Pantonium’s software has already shown successful results in use with NEMT and paratransit companies, so the EXPO is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the versatility of fleet management software. Attendees are invited to stop by booth #332 and see how Pantonium’s featured EverRun software platform works to enhance transportation operations.

So, what can one expect from Pantonium at the CTAA Expo? Company president Remi Desa will be attending along with operations executive Don Weaver and VP of sales Daniel Kain. Our staff are passionate about the possibilities of technology in community transit, and are excited to demonstrate the power and ease of Pantonium’s EverRun software. The group will be featuring program demos exclusive to this event, as well as other resources for transit operators, and of course, the expertise on how to maximize efficiency for vehicle fleet operations. The company looks forward to meeting with similarly progressive minds and learning more about community transit. 2015 is set to be an evolutionary year for public and community transit at the EXPO, and Pantonium is bringing the goods.

In the meantime, we are offering some points to consider while attending the EXPO or just reading along at home:

5 Reasons to Consider Software for Public Transit

Improving Service for Riders – Perhaps the greatest service improvement offered by transportation management software like Pantonium’s EverRun is the enhancement of communication. The software is cloud-based and is accessible at any time through any web browser. Through the EverRun platform, riders can plan travel, request rides, get feedback, and more. EverRun uses the data obtained through these processes to continually optimize service for the rider while keeping operating costs at minimum. This way, both the rider and the transportation provider are working with (and contributing to) the same system, improving rider and operations service simultaneously.

Reducing Operating Costs – Software solutions like EverRun provided by Pantonium are designed to reduce operating costs for transport businesses. This is accomplished by maximizing the rider capacity on each vehicle used while ensuring all rider constraints are all met. EverRun uses a unique algorithm to do this at the lowest cost, allowing transit operators to maximize vehicle efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.

Growth & Development – By having the technology to accomplish more of the “heavy lifting” in transportation operations, owners are able to build consistent and repeatable processes. These are then easily transferable to new and existing employees. This means transportation companies utilizing software like Pantonium’s EverRun no longer require dedicated staff for each aspect of the dispatch process. The staff needs only to be trained on the software system, and the system takes over from there. By investing in such a powerful platform and allowing your staff to become more versatile, this is a perfect way to plan for future success. This can include additional software services to use in tandem with EverRun, expanding transit focuses (clients have been able to move between community transit, NEMT/paratransit, and other transit areas), location expansion, and more!

Ease of Access – The ease of access created by Pantonium’s EverRun software is the result of consolidating scheduling, dispatch, billing, and more all under one cloud-based platform. This is accessible at any time through the internet, and comes with a mobile application for transit operator use. This increases the level of power and control transit companies will have in their operations to maximum effect. As well, since the platform is cloud-based, this means your company will not require additional server installation, IT assistance, or any other interruption of the sort. Just log in anywhere, any time, and you will have the same capabilities every time. Having your operations under one convenient cloud-based platform is the ideal way for transit companies to run in 2015; Pantonium’s EverRun software is leading this way.

Almost more than anything else, the software Pantonium has developed for public and community transit are exciting! Fixed route transit practices basically have not changed in over one hundred years, so it is not far off to say opportunities like this only come along once in a lifetime. The company is excited to meet new people and discover together where public transit is going, at the present and in our future.

For more information on Pantonium’s showing at the CTAA EXPO this week, please feel free to drop us an email at or come visit us at booth #332!

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