App Attack

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This is a simple break down of our argument for technology innovation in the transportation industry into a few basic points. If you do not feel like reading a blog you can view this post in an exciting infographic format.

Smartphone apps are evolving. They are not just a means for connecting users with each other and services. allow different systems, paradigms and ideas to become practically applied.

They give organizations more leeway for creative problem solving. In our case it means traditional people transportation models, can be modified quickly. Or the model could be challenged by new entrants, using a new app. A business with a new application, a new model of service, a modest advertising/branding effort can explode into an enormous success and disruption.

The scale of growth for app based models can be at any level: local, regional, global. The transportation industry is like a pile of steaming soil. Static, large, steaming. Those in the industry using the right app are like mushrooms: colonizing, and thriving on the surface. Popping up almost overnight.

Rideshares, carpools, paratransit, public transit, the entire people transportation industry, can absolutely be influenced by a combination of mobile apps and supporting services. This combination is key. No one wants just a nice app. They want an app that is nice and also valuable. Consider the Uber app. It provides the cheapest car, in the most convenient way, to get you from a to b. Apps are powerful when users interact with them regularly, habitually, and effortlessly and they will only do this if it provides the best possible service, in practical, economic terms.

Achieving that is a problem of design and engineering. People transportation is a system. The more sophisticated the tools that control a transportation system, particularly its vehicles, drivers and riders, the better the results. Human brains, which are quite sophisticated tools, have been running transportation systems. But computers are more effective. They are a machine, able to exert more effort than humans, for a longer sustained time than a human can. Mobile apps and other technology breakthroughs allow for a much richer, more usable level of visibility and control for software. This means a more powerful machine. One that is now demonstrably more capable than the efforts of humans.

Many companies and organizations around the world are now acquiring and using this app software combination. This trend is so widespread it can be read about in any mainstream daily newspaper. You should consider the implications for your business and organization. And then contact us at


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